For viewers that FOX 46 Charlotte, meteorologist Britney Hamilton’s short, glowing bob has end up being her signature look. Yet when she leaves work, Hamilton takes off her wig to uncover she 3c/4a coils.

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“Now, I’d like to stay (my natural hair) top top air,” claims Hamilton, a phibìc Carolina native. “I feel favor it’s important. My herbal hair is a part of me.”

While natural formats is embraced in most work places, that hasn’t necessarily been the instance with TV news – particularly for those v tighter curly patterns. It is rarely to view on-air personalities with kind 4 coils.

Hamilton really hopes she quickly can combine two of she passions – her natural hair and meteorology.

And in the process, she wants to readjust attitudes within she industry.Hamilton remained in the eighth grade when Hurricane Katrina fight Louisiana. 

“I watched how an effective the storm was and the results it had on Louisiana. I want to learn much more about hurricanes.”

While she to be interested in meteorology, she no necessarily check out it together a career. For this reason although she looked for colleges that available meteorology, she assumed she would major in psychology or political science.

“I take it one Poli Sci class and also realized it’s not for me,” she says. “I stated ‘I"m walking to do weather.’”

After graduating from university of phibìc Carolina Charlotte with a bachelor’s level in meteorology, she obtained a master’s degree in physics from phibìc Carolina A&T University.

Although she knew she want to seek a job in meteorology, it wasn’t her initial intention to obtain a job on TV.

“I had self-esteem issues,” claims Hamilton. “I’m complete figured and also you don’t check out a most black meteorologists.”

After graduation, a friend that in the news organization helped urged her to placed together a demo reel come send come TV stations. Hamilton says her decision to wear a straight wig to be the an outcome of conversations she had actually with world in the market – an did not like rule around what’s acceptable for on-air talent. One curly meteorologist told her she had actually to straighten her very own hair since she was told the would produce a aur on the green screen.

“I think it’s something everybody believes, but I’m not certain if it’s true,” claims Hamilton. “I think minor adjustments can be made. Yet it’s much easier to to speak ‘We can’t do it.’”

So when she started in search of a job, she decided to undertake a straight wig – opting for a quick bob.

“That to be the look everyone wanted,” she says. “I decided I’d rather wear a wig than have actually them tell me I had to straighten my hair.”

Fox 46 called, providing her a 30-day freelance position. Within six months she was one of the station’s permanent meteorologists. She enthusiastically jumps in to assist out through anchoring and also interviews as soon as needed. She feels blessed and also grateful to be functioning in a height 25 market.

Hamilton says she’s never hidden the reality she’s natural. On her job-related social media pages, she often write-ups photos of herself with her herbal hair.

Hamilton’s natural journey started six year ago. Although plenty of of her family and also friends are natural, Hamilton uncovered relaxed hair to be easier and didn’t think it was for her. An incident with a darn in to be the catalyst she needed.

“I saw take (the sew in) out to to wash my hair, and also it node up and also got matted,” states Hamilton. “I couldn’t for the life of me untangle it all. So ns took the scissors to my hair and cut that out.”

Once she cut it, she began to experiment v her structure and all of its possibilities. She watched YoutTube tutorials and also trying various products. Return she obtained positive reactions from those close come her, she was still me conscious about her brand-new look.

“I tho wasn’t certain what to execute with my hair,” she says. “But the much more I played v it and started caring for it, the more I embraced it. I assumed ‘It’s my herbal hair and also it’s cultivation out of my head. It’s me.”

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When not working, she go-to layouts are braid outs or twists outs. Sometimes, she wears it up in a puff. And occasionally, she does a wash and also go. Her holy Grail products include SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl boosting Smoothie, Eco Styler Styling gels - black Castor & Flaxseed Oil and also Argan Oil gels and SheaMoisture raw Shea Butter Deep therapy Masque, i beg your pardon she supplies as both a leave-in and also deep conditioner.

Six year after walk natural, she’s only straightened she hair once. “I don’t want to put my hair v it,” she says. “I desire my curls to bounce back.”

Hamilton says she’s prepared to debut her herbal hair ~ above air, and feels it will send a powerful message .

“Everybody has actually that bob,” she says. “There’s nothing unique around it. That a really “TV” method of thinking. I want to break that.”

Hamilton says people at the station have been supportive, and also she has talked with her news director and also general manager about forgoing she wig top top air. She started sending videos in former of the screen with herbal hair.

“Sometimes that takes a small pressure,” she says. “I’m optimistic around it.I just think the a an excellent move, and I expect they establish it.”

If she it s okay approval, she says she doesn’t desire to make a large deal about it. She would prefer just to go on, organization as usual. But she feels favor it will be a monumental minute for her.

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“I seriously just wear that wig in ~ work,” she says. “ I speak to it my work-related hair. Once I don’t need to put it on anymore, okay be totally myself.”

She says she really hopes by wearing she hair organic she have the right to send a an effective message about acceptance and representation.

“I want women – both young and old - to feel empowered and confident in exactly how they look,” she says. “I want them come think ‘She’s law this, she on TV and also she doesn’t have to straighten she hair. She have the right to just it is in herself, for this reason I have the right to too.’”