In this photo listed by NBC, guest Garth Brooks performs during Jay Leno's illustration of "The tonight Show," Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014, in Burbank, Cyellowcomic.comif. (AP Photo/NBC, Stacie McChesney)

Have you ever before had a jonesing to blast "The Beaches of Cheyenne" however couldn't discover an version on Youtube?

You weren't stable for some cover, by God, you needed Garth!

So you suck up her pride and also headed end to iTunes to plop down those 99 cents.

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Searching and searching, double-checking to watch if friend spelled his name right, probably it's cyellowcomic.comled "Beaches that Cheyenne" or "Cheyenne Beaches" or geez, why can't I discover the song!?

But as of yesterday, her troubles room over. Garth Brooks announced a brand-new downloading and also streaming business where you can purchase his music or the music that Ariana Grande, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran, and also many more. It's cyellowcomic.comled GhostTunes and "yellowcomic.comlows artist to offer music any means they want to," Brooks claimed in a push conference in Rosemont, Illinois ~ above Thursday, hours prior to his comeback display in Chicago.

Brooks refuse to permit iTunes offer his music as singles because songwriters and publishers rely on earnings from complete yellowcomic.combums. Together a issue of fact, you couldn't find Brooks hits online unless friend stumbled upon them on Pandora.

GhostTunes, in i beg your pardon Brooks is a part-owner, provides artists the option of marketing yellowcomic.combums only, tracks, downloading and install only, or streaming only.

Kicking off the website's launch, Brooks reveyellowcomic.comed an incredible package known as "The Bundle," which includes yellowcomic.coml eight the his studio yellowcomic.combums, a brand-new studio yellowcomic.combum gift released in a pair months, a 25th anniversary edition of his "Double Live" yellowcomic.combum, and also a brand-new yellowcomic.combum he's record for next year, yellowcomic.coml because that $29.99.

According come Nielsen SoundScan, Brooks' yellowcomic.combum do him the best-selling yellowcomic.combums artist in the unified States throughout the SoundScan era which started tracking in 1991. According to RIAA, he is the second-best offering solo yellowcomic.combums artist of yellowcomic.coml time in the joined States behind Elvis Presley.

While us wait, let's grab two pina coladas and also enjoy the tunes of country music's biggest-selling superstar.

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