1.wealthiest european of his time2.won manage of Florence government3.influenced members of ruling council by providing loans4.dictator of Elorence because that 30 years
I. Advantages: A. Growing cities, B. Well-off merchants, C. Classical heritage (most important). II. Values: A. Citizens involved in politics, B. Merchants dominated politics.

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as every the publication Courtier, he must beexcell in countless fields, charming, witty and well education in the classics.he need to dance, sing, beat music, create poetryskilled rider, wrestler, and swordsman.
as per the publication Courtier, she have to be-charming, and also should understand the classics.-not expeced to look for fame-inspire art yet rarely create it-Upper course women were an ext educated then middle ages class
Cities available wealth, talent, and brand-new ideas. It ended up being the ideal reproduction ground for intellectual revolution.
Church leaders and also the wealthy supported the arts by ending up being patrons of the art by financially sustaining the artists. They go this since they wanted to beautify their communities and also show their own importance.
How did study of the classics influence branches of discovering such as history, literature, and also philosophy?
Study of timeless texts brought about a various outlook top top life, one emphasizing human being potential and also achievements.
COMPARING : What to be the differences in between the middle Ages and also the Renaissance in the attitude toward worldly pleasures?
In the middle Ages, some people believed that refusal of worldly pleasures would please God. During the Renaissance, many thought that God intended castle to enjoy those things
How walk the Renaissance revolutionize european art and thought? support your opinions in a three-paragraph essay.

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Essays should comment on how Renaissance scholar looked to classical writers for inspiration.Note the ways Renaissance artists changed art by utilizing perspective, a more realistic style, and also glorifying individuals.

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