It looks prefer the story that the Sutton clan has pertained to an end. ABC family has quietly made decision to release Lincoln Heights after four seasons.

Lincoln Heights tells the story that Officer Eddie Sutton (Russell Hornsby) that moves his family back to his old neighborhood. Various other castmembers include Erica Hubbard, Nikki Micheaux, Rhyon Brown, Mishon Ratliff, Robert Adamson, and Michael Reilly Burke.

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The TV display debuted ~ above January 8, 2007 and the first season was successful enough to warrant a rejuvenation by March. At the point, the was among the cable channel’s higher performers in the vital demographics.

While announcing that the 2nd season would kick off in September 2007, ABC family members President Paul Lee said, “We yes, really think we have actually something unique here… The reality that it’s an afri American family members drama alone separates it from the crowd, however its terrific cast and also superb writing also make it truly special and also perfect for alphabet Family.”

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Following season two, it took numerous months for ABC family to decision to lug Lincoln Heights back for a 3rd round. They lastly did and that kicked off in September 2008. The audience grew and also the show came to be the cable channel’s optimal performer among Females 12-34 and also Female teens. It didn’t take as long to renew the collection for year four.

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Season 4 kicked off in September 2009. It came to be one of the channel’s weaker program of 2009, being outperformed by various other ABC household shows, including cancelled Kyle XY.

No particular reason was given for the Lincoln Heights cancellation. However, though it’s been favored by some critics, the collection has never been a big hit because that the cable channel and has only been given 10 illustration renewals each season.

What execute you think? space you upset or surprised that the series has been cancelled? carry out you think the last episode of Lincoln Heights is a worthwhile series finale?