Guinea pigs are great long-term pets. They end up being a part of your family members once you acquire them. So the last point you need is to see them suddenly pass away. Fever is no a sickness. It is a solution to an underlying sickness. Uneven you know the cause, there is no usage in trying come treat the sickness. Removed the cause eliminates the sickness too. The exact same way, in order to prevent death (which is one effect), you should be conscious of the reasons (causes of death).

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If you are looking to obtain guinea pigs, or already do have actually guinea pigs, I’m below to assist you know about the common causes of death in them.

Common causes of Guinea Pig Death

Infestation the miceDystociaAbscessesDrop in environmental temperatureSalmonellosisAdministered antibiotics IleusEctoparasitesContaminated waterKetosisViral or bacter infectionsLonelinessIngested cedar shavingsFumes from motor vehicles Sunstroke 

I am sure you have actually heard “Prevention is much better than cure” at the very least once in your life. Yet I am not certain if you have actually heard “A fool through a tool is quiet a fool”. So learning the reason is just one component of her happiness. Knowing the methods to prevent them, completes the picture. The climax? long happy life for your sweet small guinea pigs!

That is precisely why i shall intricate on each of the above causes of fatality in guinea pigs, in the upcoming sections- including how you deserve to prevent those from happening. So, check out along to store your guinea pigs safe and happy!

Infestation of Mice

When mice infest the reproduction area of guinea pigs, things can go way out of control. A significant part that guinea pig death an international is led to by mice infestation. Or, an ext specifically, ignorance the owners towards infestation situations death because that guinea pigs.

Infestation is too subtle to an alert in the early stages. It could not it is in noticeable for a typical man. But a veterinarian certain would have the ability to identify also the subtlest of problems. So taking your guinea pigs come the vet at the very least once in a month is very important.

Symptoms: Tiredness, inactivity, seizure, lack of appetite and also stroke

Prevention: Making sure the reproduction ground of guinea pigs is totally free of mice

Cure: Cure for infestation could really well vary based upon severity. So you can not decide on exactly how to cure the infestation. Acquiring your guinea pigs’ blood tested by a professional veterinarian is the very first step. Her vet will give you the solution then.


Pregnant guinea pigs are obviously going v a most pain and trouble. For this reason you have to try to do things less complicated for them. If girlfriend fail in taking ideal care of your pregnant guinea pig, they could die. The litter of child guinea pigs is really active and quite large in size.

Prevention: Dystocia in pregnant guinea pigs cannot be prevented without skilled medical advice. Make certain you have your guinea pig checked very often through a veterinarian as soon as it is pregnant. Also, read our post committed to guinea pig pregnancy to uncover out specifically how to treatment for a pregnant guinea pig.


Life begins from death. Growth is a process that is composed of degenerating and also newly generating cells in cycles. When fragmentation of cells, leading to a cavity, it s okay filled v pus, it leader to abscesses. Inflammation would proceed indefinitely through the spread of agents favor bacteria, fungi, and also viruses.

Symptoms: Redness, swelling, loss of appetite, loss of weight, too much saliva, wet fur and inactivity.

Prevention: as soon as you provide them suitable hygiene conditions, abscesses space bound not to occur in her piggy. Keeping moisture content low in their bordering could aid in staying clear of the spread of bacteria and fungi.

Cure: Abscesses might be falsely interpreted to be a short-term effect. Ignorance might lead to death obviously. There are other illness which are much less lethal that resemble abscesses. So you cannot afford come take threats when it concerns the above-mentioned symptoms. Direct medical treatment is the only way.

Drop in external Temperature


Woah! A sunstroke sound pretty violent, doesn’t it? also though it sound to be straight in meaning, that is no the sunlight that gets the stroke. It is girlfriend who gain a stroke from ours sun. Oh, wait, no you! your guinea pig! I need to say though, i care around you too. Ns don’t just care about your pets. I must make sure you room okay in order come make certain your pets are too. So, never take castle to direct sunlight once the sun is scorching. Irradiate rays are necessary for the wellness of any organism. So carry out take them outdoors when the strongness of light is low.

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Prevention: You know what I would write under prevention. Because that those that you that skipped the entire article, you may not, for this reason here, allow me assist you. The way to avoid a sunstroke is to stop the sunlight from acquiring a chance to gain you a stroke! read our post around wheter you have the right to keep your guinea pigs outside here.

Cure: friend probably currently know what I will certainly write under cure. Again, in instance you don’t know, let me aid you. The method to cure her guinea pig from a sunstroke must be determined on analysis by a veterinarian!