In Titanic, the elderly rose throws the heart of the s off a boat; that has been debated in similar question here:

Why did rose throw the diamond necklace overboard?

But why walk she store the diamond through her this long, even when she never used it during her negative days? Why did she keep the reminder that Cal this long? She might have thrown it away a lengthy time ago.

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It"s not stated anywhere in the movie or ~ above the net why she kept that diamond because that long.

Why she preserved the diamond this lengthy with her, even when she never used it during her bad days.

She could, but it wouldn"t be an extremely easy.

Right prior to old climbed starts to tell the story, Brock Lovett claims that a case was made versus insurance for the ns of the diamond by Nathan Hartley, Cal"s father. Now since that insurance agency paid because that it, it is the legal owner the the diamond. If she did donate that or sell it, the would instantly be subject to case by that insurance company.

Why walk she keep the reminder that Cal this long?

Well, this diamond is not the reminder of Cal only. The is additionally reminder the Jack. She gained her portrait drawn wearing the heart of the Ocean. That is the only thing that reminds her of Jack. So, this can be the reason why she kept that diamond because that long.

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I don"t think there is an answer in the movie or something else the is remotely canon but -- wouldn"t you?

It was the only physical remembrance she had of her an excellent Love. Jack was dead, the illustrations were at the bottom the the ocean, she had actually nothing favor a letter or a ring, there was no grave come visit.

Incidentally, just on second viewing did i realize us were intended to think that rose was to plan to litter herself right into the sea at the end. It was filmed to recall the very first suicide attempt, in particular, she bare foot stepping top top the shortest rail (Cameron, like Tarantino, has a little foot-fetish walking on). I think we were supposed to be surprised the she also had the diamond, even though Cal speak Livejoy (and us) she does some 30 minute ahead of time.

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