What perform you speak to a deer v no eyes? No idea. What carry out you call a deer v no legs and no eyes? still no idea.

Serker said: "Because he to be a fungi.heard the today, believed i have to share." ns heard the before. The is a really really old joke. XD


The critical time i laughed at that, I fell off mine dinosaur. (Step Brothers)*I in reality did chuckle a little.*


This joke commonly offends people, for this reason if girlfriend are conveniently offended....well, don"t read it:"Why does Hellen Keller require two hands to masturbate?""One to finger herself and one to moan."/sighIf ns was religious, I"d be on my way to confession right now. =/


mr_korean said: "How execute you punish Helen Keller?!!??!??!?!Stick doorknobs top top walls.I lol"d"

ok I need to obtain this directly is the Helen Keller the deaf-blind American author? is this Hellen Keller?

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says, "Hey, walk this taste funny come you?"How do you get 30 lepers inside a Volkswagen? A blender.How execute you acquire them out? Chips.What go a leper say to a prostitute? store the tip.What carry out you call a leper in a jacuzzi? Porridge.Why did the leper go earlier into the shower? To gain his Head and Shoulders.What"s big, green, fuzzy, and if it fell out of a tree, it would kill you? A pool table!

Sparky_Buzzsaw said: What walk a leper say to a prostitute? store the tip. That"s a funny hoax hhaha. Ns shall call it together if mine own.

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What did the fish say when it walked into a wall?Nothing, fish can"t walk.What go the fish say when it swam right into a wall?Dam.

Why does Michael Jackson like to shed foot races to tiny boys?He likes come come in a small behind.

ishotmrburns said: "Why walk Michael Jackson choose to shed foot gyeongju to tiny boys?He likes come come in a small behind."Hahahahahaha, that was one was great.
I actually believed snoop dog"s joke was nice funny. Punch Knock. Who"s there? A mothafuckin N**** through a mothafuckin gun. LMAO.
dr_nefarious said: "I actually believed snoop dog"s joke was quite funny. Knock Knock. Who"s there? A mothafuckin N**** with a mothafuckin gun. LMAO." What"s brown and rhymes with snoop?Dr. Dre.

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ishotmrburns said: "dr_nefarious said: "I actually believed snoop dog"s joke was nice funny. Knock Knock. Who"s there? A mothafuckin N**** with a mothafuckin gun. LMAO." What"s brown and rhymes through snoop?Dr. Dre." ahahaha! that"s great!
OFFENSIVE MATERIAL adheres to BE WARNDE OOPS ns SPELLED WARNED WRONG but I do NOT have actually A BACKSPACE therefore I will JUST have to SAY THAT i MADE A TYPO and MOVE ON with THE attack JOKES room YOU ready OKAY lets GO go GO :
Eat a prune! begin a movement!I like my coffee just how I prefer my neighborhood - White.The Teacher said to small Johnny, "use harassment in a sentence." little Johnny said, " her mouth said no, but her ass intended yes."A man and also a tiny girl were walking in the woodsThe Girl says, "Mister - these woods are scary""Yeah" he says "It"s too negative I will be going ago alone!"Managed to gain my auto insurance decreased by $400 this morning. I adjusted my occupation come "pedophile". Apparently driving roughly slowly and also being ~ above the lookout for kids is just what they"re looking for in a customer.i have actually been sweating like.....Stephen Hawking v the runsMichael Jackson ~ above a bouncy lock Hitler in ~ a Bar Mitzvah a Scouser city hall Crimewatch a necrophiliac in a mortuary a priest Watching CBBC a Necrophiliac at a funerala Jew in 1940 a black worker in a recession a rhino in a strength shower an emo in a knife factory Holly and also Jessica in ~ a caretaker"s home Peter Sutcliffe in a red light district a fat bird on EWayne Rooney in an old folks residence a medical professional on his means to Glasgow airplane an Austrian girl in she dad"s basement Madeline McCann in Portugal Muhammad Ali in a buckaroo vain a paedo in a peter pan manufacturing a paedo throughout WWII who"s just uncovered out he"s walk to be looking after some evacuees a RBS employee sticking some document through a shredder Michael Jackson in a nursery Joseph Fritzl at a family members reunion a remote poof in a sausage factoryChris Brown ~ above an assault charge a nude boy through a catholic priestian huntly at a man u video game a black man on a rape charge in 1933