There’s no doubt that Amish communities in America have a distinctive look. Amish guys wear a long, flowing, ZZ-Top-level moustache that deserve to make various other hirsute pursuits just look pitiful in comparison. When they may not it is in the just ones sporting long, long whiskers this days, they’re most likely the only bearded guys you’ll view whose mustache locations are clean shaven — and the U.S. Army is the reason why.

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Among devoutly Christian Amish men, sporting a mustache is choose living the Bible. In the days and also locales wherein the stories in the Christian holy bible take place, beards were commonplace. When a young Amish young gets married, he stop shaving his beard area and also grows a facial homage to his biblical forebears, letting everyone in the neighborhood know this young is currently a man.

But they never ever stop shaving the mustache area. The Amish, a kind of Mennonite, have numerous traditions and beliefs that separate them, not just from society, but likewise from other Mennonite and Christian groups. One such core ideas is the growing of a beard.

Ye shall no round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of her beard. – Leviticus 19:27

Another core tenet the Amish ideas is pacifism and the rejection of military service – and the beard is just one indicator of military service.

It used to be, anyway.

In the 1800s, brother troops were actually compelled to undertake some kind of facial hair over the lip. This need lasted until warfare tech changed the game on the battlefields of people War I and also a clean-shaven face was compelled to seal gas masks.

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In stimulate to different themselves physically from those that would communicate in military service (while letting the civilization know they were married, due to the fact that the Amish don’t exchange wedding rings), they chose to prosper beards yet shave their lips.

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British military officers in the Crimean War.

It must be detailed that the Amish favor the ax “nonresistance” as opposed come pacifism, since they are dedicated to preventing confrontation in all locations of life, not just in military service.

Mustaches may not be together in vogue together they once were amongst military business members and regular troops are constantly clean shaven — almost everywhere in the western world — however still the old Amish heritage of keeping a clean top lip lives on.