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There are plenty of stages to a boxer’s preparation prior to a fight.

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Training makes up the many part, and also practicing psychological strength, and eating ideal in the run-up.

You may notice right before a fight, however, the boxers are regularly yellowcomic.comvered in petroleum jelly.

It’s not simply for a dewy bright (although of food they execute look spring fresh v it on) and actually has actually a really important reason behind it.


(Picture: Al Bello/ALLSPORT)

The jelly is usually applied by cutmen ringside.

The job of a cutman is to treat boxers before a match and between rounds, usually focusing on minor injuries prefer cuts and swelling.

In regards to the petroleum jelly, the lubricates the face and makes the skin more elastic. This method the battle aircraft are less likely to experience tears in their skin.

It’s normally used to locations of impact, such together the face.

Petroleum jelly will sometimes be applied after a boxer gets cuts, preventing it from acquiring worse together the fight yellowcomic.comntinues.

Although there space no formal limits to exactly how much you deserve to put on, cutmen try not yellowcomic.comme be as well excessive.

This is since the jelly can influence the power of the fighter if it ends up in their eyes.

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In other yellowcomic.commbat sports, applications of petroleum jelly to the human body is reyellowcomic.comgnized as ‘greasing’, and also is disallowed together it can offer an unfair advantage when it pertains to grappling.

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