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my friend was fingering me and also masturbating me, when he was doing it, ns bleed, not too much, however there was light blood point out (small)for 3 days. Is the dangerous?? must i be worried and why ns did bleed ?

Most likely, what’s walk on is completely normal. A few things can have resulted in this bleeding:

Your boyfriend’s fingers may have stretched your hymen, i m sorry is a thin organization that stretches over the opened of part people’s vaginas. Periodically this can reason the hymen to bleed, which is why some human being see blood the first time they have actually penis-in-vagina sex, or placed something in your vagina (like a finger or sex toy). This is completely normal and also should walk away within a few days.

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You might also just be having spotting (where there’s light bleeding and/or brownish discharge yet you’re no on her period), which can be entirely unrelated come the fingering.

Your boyfriend may have additionally scratched the within of your vagina or her cervix, i m sorry can reason bleeding. This can be a difficulty if bacteria gets right into the scratches and also causes an infection.

Vaginal epidemic or STDs can also lead to spotting or bleeding.

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So if friend have any kind of pain, discomfort, or itching the doesn’t go away, or if the bleeding continues, view a doctor or nurse, choose the persons at her nearest to plan Parenthood health center, to make certain everything’s okay.