When a balloon pops, it becomes smaller. Together I check out it, the an interpretation of "imploded" is:

collapse or reason to collapse violent inwards.

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Wouldn"t the be an ext typical if us say "imploded"?

Maybe just I am thinking favor that...



A balloon includes air under pressure. As soon as it pops, the wait expands.

Merriam-Webster defines "explode" as, among other things:

to explode forth v sudden violence or noise from internal energy, together as...to burst violently together a an outcome of press from within

Referring come a balloon "exploding" describes this sudden release of widening gas (air) together a result of the push inside the balloon. The truth that the rubber covering that contained the gas end up smaller in the end doesn"t matter.


I think there space many feasible reasons because that this; a single answer is not possible. Some suggestions:

Explode is a regular word, conversely, implode is much less frequent, and also somewhat limited to technological discussions. Therefore, it can simply be a case of the an ext frequent word covering a greater selection of meanings / gift used an ext vaguely.Although balloons finish up (looking) smaller after lock pop, you can also conceive of the popping as causing material come radiate outwards. At the minute of popping, bits the balloon have the right to fly outwards, at the very least momentarily. Also, the loud noise travels outwards indigenous the location of popping. This may add to the impression of an explosion.The popping the a balloon has actually things in common with prototypical explosions (such together bombs exploding)---notably, the according to noise. This might make people an ext inclined to use the word explosion.
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An implosion is a region of low push collapsing due to the fact that of the greater pressure surrounding it. That"s clearly not what is happening as soon as a balloon "pops", as the sound the is produced is the high press air rushing into a lower pressure environment. Lot like traditional explosives, once a balloon pops you have actually an area of focused matter broadening into the area of lower concentration.

Also, it is functionally the very same thing as a automobile tire popping which plainly looks choose an explosion: https://youtu.be/HANwJp8Z5mc?t=27


Comments in another answer make me realize the apparent connection between balloons, rockets, and also bombs. If you to fill up a balloon and let the air out the balloon will certainly fly around the room choose a rocket. Rockets don"t explode due to the fact that like the balloon they have a large hole to offer the explosive product a way out.

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If you instead fill up a balloon and prick it through a pin, the hole the waiting escapes native is much smaller. Much like civilization trying to easily escape a building, this create a crushing pressure at the exit, air molecules in a balloon perform the exact same thing. Those waiting molecules have so much force that lock can broaden the feet in a destructive way which pops the balloon. This is what happens to rocket as soon as the explosive product can"t escape rapid enough, it i do not care a bomb!

So a balloon is essentially either a rocket or bomb relying on how specifically the air is escaping from it.