Netflix's Dracula: Why The Vampire fear The cross Netflix"s Dracula attributes the vampire"s traditional fear the the cross however posits an interesting brand-new reason why the count is fragile to crucifixes.

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Warning: spoiler for Netflix"s Dracula.

The central mystery in Netflix"s Dracula is why the immortal vampire fear the cross - and also the factor isn"t the obvious one. Adjusted from Bram Stoker"s classic novel through Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the creators that Sherlock, Dracula stars Claes Bang together Count Dracula, that plots to take trip to England and also begin a brand-new reign the terror. The contrary the vampire"s plan is sisters Agatha valve Helsing (Dolly Wells), a nun who battles Dracula and also attempts to i found it the reality behind his greatest weakness.

In Dracula episode 1, "The rules of the Beast", valve Helsing becomes aware of Dracula in 1897 once his recent victim, Jonathan Harker (John Heffernan), seeks sanctuary at her Hungarian convent. The revolutionized Harker, an English solicitor arranging a actual estate deal for Dracula, recounted the days he invested as the Count"s sinner in his Transylvanian castle. In her initiatives to know the monster that literally came to the doors the the nunnery in search of Harker, Agatha delved into vampiric legends and was shocked to find countless myths directly used to Dracula, even though castle didn"t it seems ~ to do sense. Specifics Dracula to be bound through three distinctive limitations: the vampire can"t enter a residence without being invited inside, he can"t stand straight sunlight or rather it will damage him, and Dracula specifically fears the cross and recoils in the presence.

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Agatha valve Helsing identified that all three of Dracula"s weaknesses are tied come his fear of the cross but the vampire scoffed ("I believed you were clever," he taunted the nun) at her id that the was since the cross represents the absolute goodness the God. Further, as soon as Harker encountered Elena (Lujza Richter), among Dracula"s brides, she proved no fear of his crucifix whatsoever. However, in Dracula episode 3, "The Dark Compass", Agatha and her present-day descendant, Dr. Zoe Helsing (who drank Dracula"s blood, which consisted of the essence and memories the Agatha), ultimately realized the can be fried truth about Dracula: the vampire"s fear of the overcome is directly tied come his fear of death and his shame the he is cursed to live forever.

It seems Dracula"s weaknesses room actually self-induced and an outcome from his fear of death. After all, counting Dracula is lower from a heat of an effective warlords that all died heroically in fight - all other than for him, because Dracula was somehow turned into a vampire. For every one of Dracula"s powers as an atypically progressed vampire, the counting harbors a mystery shame that the monster that is. Further, Dracula misses and worships the sun but believed for centuries the he would die from its rays; it took Zoe directly exposing the to sunlight for Dracula to realize that this "fatal" vulnerability was all in his mind. Due to the fact that Dracula no much longer felt he was worthy to view the sun, he mentally related it with having the power to damage him. Similarly, Dracula"s i can not qualify to enter someplace there is no being invited is tied come his deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy, other the counting didn"t recognize throughout his an extremely long life.

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The cross represents the courage of Jesus during the Crucifixion, i m sorry is the courage to die that Dracula lacks. In Netflix"s Dracula, vampirism is a contagion, but Dracula"s unique vulnerabilities result from his are afraid of death, therefore he formed habits that limit him which, in turn, came to be his very own beliefs and also spawned legends about vampires in general. But Dracula"s weaknesses aren"t common by other, less progressed vampires, just as they absence Dracula"s mythological abilities. However, now that Dracula is conscious his biggest weaknesses were all in his mind, this way the vampire becomes an ext dangerous and also potentially unstoppable in Dracula season 2, if an additional season is green-lit.