Why carry out cats growl? Is your cat growling since he’s angry, in pain or emotion territorial — or is he just being dramatic? Plus, what is the right way for a human being to reaction to cat growling?

As kitty parental know, cat make every kinds the sounds. My little calico lady, Merritt, is fond of trilling, but my big orange tabby dude, Gabby, is fond the the huff (an annoyed, airy snort — does everyone else’s cat execute this?!) and the growl. We embraced Gabby as an abandoned older kitty through an unknown past, therefore it provides sense that he’s gained a couple of behavioral issues and is more prone come expressing his discontent vocally. But I’ve heard a same amount of cat growling come indigenous Merritt, as well (we freshly experienced a instance of feline non-recognition aggression that brought about her come growl away!).

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So, what precisely is cat growling and also how have to you react when your cat growls? Let’s take a look:

What does cat growling sound like?

To me, cat growling sound prefer a low brrrrrroooooooooooowwww. Gabby sometimes makes what I speak to a pre-growl or warning growl, i m sorry sounds favor a creaking door — a slow and low precursor come the full-on growl. “Growling is a deep, rumbling noise that comes from passage the air with vocal folds,” defines Dr. Sasha Gibbons of simply Cats vet Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. “ have the right to sound very similar to a dog growl.”

If Gabby is especially not pleased, he will follow his growl v a big hiss. For those that still don’t understand what cat growling sounds like (lucky you!), check out the video of this poor little ticked-off guy above.

What reasons cat growling?


I recognize Gabby has behavior issues. As much as ns instruct guests in my house to please approach him as necessary or leaving him alone, there will certainly be human being who neglect me and also he will certainly growl because he is confused, frustrated and also scared. Yet there are also times as soon as he growls simply out of sheer annoyance.

Four years right into being his mom, ns pretty attuned to what growls mean he’s really angry or when he’s gift all speak (read: overdramatic). He is a very vocal cat in the first place, so I understand the difference between a half-hearted growl that method he’s displeased yet I can still (cautiously) walk previous him or choose him up. And also I recognize when he demands to be left alone to cool off.

“Cats can growl because that a range of reasons and from a lengthy list the triggers,” explains Dr. Gibbons. “It can be an overwhelming to identify which cat growls are simply vocalizing, and which cats would react physically following vocalization, so that is constantly best to occupational with a experienced (veterinarian or pet behavioralist) if friend have involves with your cat growling.”

Tell us: Does your cat growl a many or not so much? to you, what go cat growling sound like?

This piece was initially published in 2017.

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