I rescued a Lab/Vizsla mix in September 2018. That is an great dog and very, an extremely friendly.

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My inquiry to you: Is over there a factor that he always throws his backside around and puts his target in my various other dog’s face? the does it every the time. I figure it is a prominence thing but am no sure and wanted come ask someone. 

Is over there any method to get him to prevent doing it? i have had dogs every my life and have never had actually one that did this.


A: The best guess is the the Lab/Vizsla is just saying “hey.” Sniffing butts is just how dogs examine out each other. Ask Dog Lady is surprised girlfriend haven’t noticed this end the years because the target sniff is standard dog behavior.

Your Lab/Vizsla seems to be making it basic for your various other dog to understand who that is. A an excellent thing. There should be no factor to train this actions out of our dog since it’s not typical or aggressive — just natural, normal and also nice. 


Dear Dog Lady,

We have a 7-year-old typical poodle who has recently made decision that the is we who have to heel to her command. She pulls terribly top top the leash and also growls or barks as various other dogs method (even when inside if a dog passes by).

When she is without united state at “doggy job care,” we room told she is no aggressive in ~ all. That made she queen?


A: friend crowned the poodle by enabling her to rule you. So organize your head high and be the queen mother. The best method to obtain her to avoid pulling is to grind come a halt instantly when she starts to haul you or growls at an additional dog. End up being an immobile marble statue.

When she looks about at girlfriend quizzically and also starts to pay attention to you, seize the teachable moment. The poodle will certainly learn easily that she’s going i do not have anything by pulling you.

Monica Collins offers advice top top pets, life and also love. Asking a question or do a comment at askdoglady


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