Our celebration of Robin’s 80th anniversary continues, as we spotlight every the boys (and girls) who have worn the mask. We freshly took a deep dive into cock Grayson and Jason Todd, now it’s time to revolve our fist to Tim Drake. Tim take it Robin to new heights as he to be the an initial Boy Wonder to acquire his own title and wear long pants! want to learn much more about the third Boy Wonder? read on…




After Jason Todd’s disastrous death, DC made decision to build a brand-new Robin, however this time things would be different. The next Robin would be less of a hothead, and an ext of a detective. He i will not ~ wear the costume appropriate away, and the writers would certainly take your time to have the following Boy Wonder prove self to the fans.

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Readers an initial met Tim Drake in Batman #436 during a retelling of penis Grayson’s origin. As a tiny child, Tim had remained in the audience in ~ Haly’s Circus as soon as the flying Graysons were killed. Tim never ever forgot that tragic sight, and years later on he soon recognized cock Grayson as soon as Robin carry out an aerial move on television. Tim Drake was just a kid, yet he had found Batman and also Robin’s mystery identity.


After reading around Jason Todd’s death, Tim Drake noticed the Batman wasn’t the hero he as soon as was. The was gaining sloppy, no taking care of himself, and lashing the end at his villains. Tim secretly followed the Dark Knight, photographing his battles, hope he can convince penis Grayson to aid his former mentor ("Batman: A Lonely location of Dying").


Tim caught up v Dick, who was surprised the the 13 year old boy had actually deduced his secret identity. Tim pleaded with cock to become Robin again, however the original Boy Wonder insisted that he had moved on. After ~ Nightwing and also Batman dropped into one of Two-Face’s traps, Tim Drake take it a spare Robin costume native the Batcave and went to save them. Tim Drake met Batman for the an initial time together he traction him from a broke down building, and the Dark Knight to be aghast that an additional boy would certainly dare to wear the Robin costume.





Tim called Batman the he necessary a Robin, and also if penis wouldn’t execute it, climate he was approximately the challenge. In a method Tim to be making his situation to the readers simply as lot as he to be to Batman. The Caped Crusader to be resistant come the idea, but some persuasion indigenous Alfred and Nightwing convinced Batman to give Tim a shot. Tim would certainly be trained as Robin, however it would certainly be months before he’d be permitted to put the suit on.


One of the points that do Tim various from Dick and also Jason was the his parents were still in the picture. Jack and Janet Drake to be successful organization owners who took pleasure in traveling roughly the human being while Tim remained in boarding school. Their extended absences permitted Tim come sneak off to Wayne Manor without arousing suspicion. A voodoo themed criminal dubbed the Obeah man kidnapped Tim’s parents, and the Dark Knight was unable to save them both. Janet Drake to be tricked right into drinking poison, and also although Jack didn’t drink as lot as his wife, the ingested enough that he to be comatose for months (Detective Comics #621).


The fatality of Janet devastated Tim, yet he was figured out to complete his training. Batman to be still reluctant to placed Tim in the battlefield, fearing that he would be killed like Jason. As soon as Batman was caught by the Scarecrow, Tim decided to take matters into his own hands, also if it expected he can never be Robin. Tim disobeyed the Dark Knight’s assignment to stand down, and also took ~ above Scarecrow. After ~ rescuing Batman, the Caped Crusader commended Tim’s initiative and also agreed that he had actually earned the role of Robin.


The brand-new Dynamic Duo returned to the Batcave, where Tim was provided his very own upgraded Robin costume in Batman #457. The R prize was currently stylized, and also the costume was offered long pants. Back there had been variants the the Robin costume end the years, the official uniform hadn’t been readjusted since it’s arrival in 1940. Tim’s brand-new costume carried the look right into the 1990’s, and was one of the plenty of ways he made the function his own.






When Tim ended up being Robin, the hit the floor running. ~ receiving his brand-new costume, he was given his own restricted series in 1991. Although dick had starred in a series of backup features, Tim was the first Robin to ever headline his own minimal series. The story tracked Robin together he went overseas to proceed his training, and also introduced him come King Snake, the first official member that his rogues gallery. The restricted series was written by chuck Dixon, who would walk on to compose a bulk of Tim’s adventures because that the following decade.


The series was a hit, and a sequel quickly followed, i m sorry chronicled Robin’s very first encounter through the Joker. Batman was the end of town, and the stakes were high, due to the fact that the last Robin to face Joker to be killed. Robin traction through, and also was able to loss the Joker on his own.


In Batman #480, Jack Drake to be released from the hospital, which caused Tim to wonder if his days as Robin to be numbered. Jack was prepared to live v his son, which expected that Tim had actually to leaving Wayne Manor. Bruce and also Alfred engineered a solution, manipulating Jack into buying the home next door. This gave Tim easy access to the Batcave, enabling him to continue his life as Robin. This additionally led to many complications over the years, together Tim had actually to find creative ways to hide his secret identity from his father. No other Robin had actually to face anything favor this before, which make Tim’s tenure every the more interesting.


In Detective Comics #648, Robin met the Spoiler for the first time. It wasn’t love at first sight, in fact, she hit Robin in the confront with a brick. Spoiler was a teenage girl called Stephanie Brown, who was striking earlier at she father the Cluemaster through sabotaging his miscellaneous crimes. With time she would gain a crush on Robin, which the boy Wonder originally resisted.


Tim met his an initial girlfriend in the restricted series Robin III: Cry of the Huntress. Ariana Dzerchenko was the daughter the Russian immigrants, and also Robin assisted her family when they were targeted by mobsters. After getting a girlfriend, Tim also received a car and his own recurring series! due to his father’s minimal mobility, Gotham City granted Tim a distinct driver’s license, also though that was just 14 (Detective Comics #668). Tim was overjoyed due to the fact that he was lastly able to journey the Redbird, a special car Batman had commissioned for him. The Redbird acted as Robin’s Batmobile, and also had the strength to disguise itself as an ordinary car for Tim Drake.


Spinning the end of the events of the Knightfall saga, Robin was given his an initial ongoing series. If an hurt Bruce was searching for Tim’s kidnapped father, john Paul Valley had actually taken end the Batman mantle and also kicked Robin the end of the Batcave. Robin was now patrolling the highways on his own. ~ Bruce Wayne reclaimed the Batman mantle, and also the Dynamic Duo’s partnership resumed, Robin continued having solo adventures in his ongoing series.







Tim’s solo collection continued to prove the he was unlike any kind of Robin that come before. Robin had numerous of his very own adventures there is no Batman, much more than any of his predecessors had. Tim was additionally the very first Robin with the burden of hiding a an enig identity indigenous a parent. ~ Jack Drake recovered from his injuries, he tried to end up being a more active father to Tim, which facility his life together Robin. Tim had to sneak the end of the house, come up v excuses for his absences, and find an innovative ways to save his family members in the dark.


Tim’s father fell in love with a woman called Dana, that he later married. While Dana’s presence assisted defuse several of the tension in between father and son, she was one more person Tim had actually to hide his mystery identity from. The tension of Tim’s twin life put a heavy strain top top his connection with Ariana, and after month of growing apart, he establish he had actually fallen for Spoiler. Tim and Ariana broke up in Robin #56, together the boy Wonder began a romance v Spoiler. This placed Tim’s mystery identity difficulties in reverse, due to the fact that Stephanie just knew him as Robin, but didn’t recognize his genuine name.


In Young Justice: The Secret #1 Robin teamed up with Impulse and Superboy to aid a ghostly girl named mystery escape from a government agency. This adventures was complied with up with one more team-up in JLA: human being Without Grown-Ups, where the boys made decision to type their very own team. Young Justice provided Robin the possibility to command a team, just as dick had before him. The team grew, adding members like Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Secret, and Empress. Robin’s time in Young Justice gave him close friends in the superhero community, including Conner Kent/Superboy, that Tim flourished to check out as his finest friend.


After Young justice disbanded, Robin and some of their previous members were invite to join the teen Titans (2003’s Teen Titans #1). Once some that the elder members left the group, Robin adhered to in Dick’s footsteps by becoming the team leader.







For years Tim go his ideal to keep his vigilante life different from his family members life, however it all come crashing down in Robin #124. While looking through Tim’s room, Jack found a surprise compartment in his boy closet. The secret compartment contained Tim’s Robin costume, and a series of journals detailing his life through Batman. Enraged, Jack Drake drove to Wayne Manor and also threatened Bruce. After ~ talking points over with his father, Tim agreed come retire indigenous crimefighting in Robin #125.


Tim attempted come live a quiet life, but in his initiative to closeup of the door himself the end from his vigilante work he reduced himself off from Stephanie. Tim’s isolation and a romantic misunderstanding resulted in Stephanie cut ties with Tim, and also taking his ar as Robin. When a gang battle erupted in Gotham, among Tim’s classmates was shot. Realizing the the promise to his dad no as important as Gotham’s safety, Tim went back as Robin in Detective Comics #798. Jack was angry, however realized that couldn’t save Tim native his destiny. Jack reluctantly permitted Tim to proceed his activities as Robin, yet their brand-new arrangement wouldn’t critical long. Throughout the gang war, Tim’s ex-girlfriend Spoiler look at died, after succumbing to injuries she received when Black Mask tortured her. Robin to be devastated, but the biggest hit was yet come come.


Ray Palmer’s ex-wife Jean Loring began orchestrating a collection of events to reunite v her ex-husband. Hope that problem would cause Ray to operation to her, Jean murdered the Elongated Man’s mam Sue Dibny, and also sent a series of threatening letter to family members the superheroes. Jack Drake obtained a letter in Identity Crisis #5, i m sorry was adhered to shortly by a visit from Captain Boomerang. Working behind the scenes, Loring had actually sent Boomerang after ~ Jack. Defending himself v a handgun, Jack had the ability to kill the invader, but not before one of the boomerangs pierced his heart. By the time Batman and also Robin answer his speak to for help, Jack was currently dead. Tim was currently an orphan.







The death of Jack Drake not correct Tim’s stepmother Dana, who suffered a mental breakdown. Needing some space from Gotham, Tim made decision to take it his stepmother come a clinic in Bludhaven (Robin #132). Since Tim had no genuine guardian, Bruce readily available to embrace him. Originally Tim to be excited around the offer, but started to have second thoughts. The death of Jack Drake was still a current memory, and he wasn’t certain if it would certainly be same to Dick.


To preventive Bruce’s feelings, and also to fix the difficulty of his guardianship, Tim rental an actor to ~ do so to it is in his long-lost Uncle Eddie. Batman revealed the he saw v the ruse, however decided no to press the issue on adoption. Dana Drake was killed throughout the devastation of Bludhaven, and Tim’s fake uncle fled the city. ~ the occasions of Infinite Crisis, Robin join Batman and Nightwing ~ above a year-long trip roughly the world. After they returned to Gotham, Bruce once again offered to take on Tim, that tearfully welcomed (Batman #654).


In Robin #174, Tim was overjoyed to discover that Leslie Tompkins had actually faked Stephanie’s death to do a point to Batman. Robin to be upset about the conspiracy, yet glad the Spoiler to be alive, and they cautiously resumed your romantic relationship. Love would have to wait, because Gotham was shortly thrown right into turmoil ~ the disappearance of Batman. The Dark Knight had actually seemingly lost his life after an encounter with Darkseid in Final Crisis #6, and Tim briefly toyed v the idea of taking up the mantle in Batman: fight for the Cowl before dick Grayson accepted the responsibility.


Unfortunately Dick’s graduation to Batman meant the end of Tim’s tenure as Robin. Damian Wayne, Batman’s son with Talia, to be a extremely trained fighter, yet lacked focus and also restraint. Prick knew that if Damian no given proper training and attention, he might grow increase to become one the the most dangerous killers in the world. Prick made Damian his Robin, leaving Tim to feel obsolete (Red Robin #1). If Dick and Damian focused on Gotham, Tim checked out search because that Bruce Wayne, deducing he was still alive somewhere. Since he was no much longer Robin, Tim embraced the identity of Red Robin because that his brand-new quest.






As Red Robin, Tim ongoing making his mark on the superhero community. That was crucial in happen Bruce Wayne earlier home after that was shed in time (Bruce Wayne – The roadway Home), and he ongoing leading the teen Titans come greatness (2011’s Teen Titans). Batman never ever forgot that Tim deduced his secret identity together a tiny boy, and also he relied ~ above Tim’s intelligence to aid guide their mission because that justice. In Detective Comics #934, Red Robin helped build the Gotham Knights initiative, which was designed come train brand-new heroes, and also eradicate every crime in the Gotham.

Tim Drake was not the very first Robin, however he do the duty his own. Tim elevated the Robin persona to new heights by being the an initial Boy Wonder to get a costume upgrade, his own series, a completely developed supporting cast, and also more. While Tim’s time as Robin is over, for some fans he’ll always be their boy Wonder.





* Batman #436 – A young Tim Drake witnesses the death of the flying Graysons. First appearance of Tim Drake.


* Batman #442 – Tim suits up as Robin because that the an initial time to save Batman and Nightwing indigenous Two-Face. Tim convinces Batman come train him.


* Detective Comics #621 – Tragedy strikes together the Obeah guy kills Tim’s mom Janet, and also critically injures his dad Jack.


* Batman #457 – After saving Batman indigenous the Scarecrow, Tim officially finishes his training and also is given a brand-new Robin costume.


* 1991’s Robin #1-5 – Tim becomes the first Robin to get their own restricted series.


* Robin II: Joker’s Wild #1-4 – Robin faces the Joker because that the very first time. An initial appearance the Tim’s ideal friend Sebastian Ives.


* Batman #480 – Jack Drake is released from the hospital, finishing Tim’s residence in Wayne Manor. Jack buys a home next door come Bruce Wayne, which enables Tim to proceed his tenure together Robin v ease.


* Detective Comics #647-649 – Robin meets Stephanie Brown, a hero who calls herself the Spoiler. Batman and Robin aid Stephanie take down her father, the Cluemaster.


* Robin III: Cry the the Huntress #1-6 – Robin groups up v Huntress to stop Russian mobsters, and also Tim Drake falls for Ariana Dzerchenko.


* Detective Comics #668 – as result of his father’s minimal mobility, Tim is permitted to get a provisional license at age 14. Robin gets his very own car, the Redbird.


* 1993’s Robin #1 – Tim Drake becomes the very first Robin to headline their very own solo ongoing series.


* Robin #56 – Tim Drake ends his partnership with Ariana, together Robin begins a romance with Spoiler.


* JLA: people Without Grown-Ups #1-2 – ~ teaming up v Superboy and Impulse to prevent the rogue Bedlam, Robin and also the various other young heroes form their very own super team referred to as Young Justice.


* Robin #74 – Tim Drake is enrolled in ~ a boarding school dubbed Brentwood Academy, complicating his life as Robin.


* Robin #100 – Jack Drake loses his fortune, and Tim Drake is pulled from Brentwood Academy.


* 2003’s Teen Titans #1 – after Young justice disbands, Robin, Superboy, Impulse and also Wonder Girl are invited to sign up with a brand-new incarnation the the teenager Titans.


* Robin #124-125 – Jack Drake discovers Tim’s dual identity and forces his child to retire as Robin.


* Detective Comics #798 – A violent gang war convinces Tim to resume his Robin identity.


* Identity Crisis #5 – Robin i do not care an orphan when Jack Drake is eliminated by Captain Boomerang.


* Batman #654 – Bruce Wayne adopts Tim Drake.


* Robin #183 – Robin confronts his mummy killer, the Obeah Man. Final worry of his first ongoing series.

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* Red Robin #1 – dick Grayson decides to train Damian Wayne together the following Robin, forcing Tim to make a new life for himself together Red Robin.


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