I understand this isn't cannon however is there any reason the the two look for this reason similar? execute they have any type of relation or anything?


It varies. Largely it stems from Turles's ide being one evil version of Goku, but it's also tried to it is in reasoned through both gift low-level warriors, and low-level warrior have set looks to recognize as low-levels, Turles's and Goku's look being among them. People additionally think that they're associated somehow, but this is never covered. The movie doesn't even face WHY lock look alike, they just simply keep in mind that they do.

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Mostly that stems native Turles's principle being an evil version of Goku

Yeah, I constantly thought they were trying to show that if Goku had actually not hit his head as a child and completed his mission, that would have pretty lot been Turles.

Haha up till a few years ago the just Dub that this movie I'd seen in the UK was the big green dub which actually calls Turles Goku's Brother. Together others have stated though this isn't right and he's simply a lookalike.

In-universe: Saiyans lack genetic diversity and members that the same class/caste resemble every other. Think of how bardock, goku, and also goten look more or much less identical. Or vegeta and his father.

artistic: turles is a dark winter of goku. He's what goku could've been if his life had turned out differently. Exact same as raditz or vegeta but turles yes, really drives the suggest home by having the same challenge as goku,

From Kanzenshuu's rumor guide:

Tullece claims that there “weren’t that countless types” the “expendable lower-level warriors” favor themselves. This does not median they had actually the very same parents; rather, it seems to indicate that there were many other similar-looking Saiyans (but remember that this is a movie, where plot continuous does no really matter).

This is reaffirmed by Minoru Maeda, among the animators:

Since Tullece was an alleged to be Goku’s lookalike, it’s basically Goku attracted as-is. However, I gave him a devilish expression and a scouter, and his construct has to be made a little bit bulkier, as well. His skin color is different, and an ext than anything else, his costume is completely different, therefore there was no must go and deliberately make him seem prefer an “impostor”.

I presume they to be related but that's been extensively debunked. The only logical suppositions space that a) he's evil son ogong or b) many Saiyans look choose that.

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IMO both explanations room bull and also the only real one is unbelievable laziness on the part of Toei.