Why is Ophelia frightened by Hamlet?How walk Polonius describe Hamlet’s behavior? Is that right? Explain.Who are Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern? Why have actually they concerned Elsinore?Are lock betraying their friend Hamlet? Explain.What is Polonius’s plan for proving that Hamlet’s odd actions is the an outcome of love madness?What walk Hamlet request the traveling players to perform? Why?
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Anna answer on 21.06.2017.

6. Hamlet requests the traveling football player to do a speech he as soon as heard. The decided is from a play which depicts a murder similar to that which the ghost explained to Hamlet. He desires to see if Claudius reaction to hearing the speech will expose that he killed King Hamlet.

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Anna answered on 21.06.2017.

3. King Claudius has actually summoned Hamlet’s two school friends (Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern) to Elsinore to have them spy ~ above the Prince and also report ago to Claudius, recounting Hamlet’s every move.

Anna answered on 21.06.2017.

4. Rosencrantz and also Guildenstern, as soon as Hamlet’s childhood friends, betray him by pretending to still be his friends as soon as in reality they are currently in the organization of Claudius as spies. Claudius enlists them to save a nearby on eye ~ above his erratic nephew.

5. He provides to loose Ophelia top top Hamlet while the is analysis alone in the library. Meanwhile, the suggests, he and also Claudius can hide behind a tapestry and observe the meeting.

2. Polonius tells the king and queen, in a really indirect way, the he has uncovered Hamlet’s foiled love the Ophelia, and that that believes this lost love to be the root cause of Hamlet’s madness.

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