i am doing a chemistry lab and also this was one of the concern on mine review,and it claims it in the packet the you must never weigh a warm object but it doesn"t tell why.

first that all because of safety. Managing hot objects just isn"t together safe as taking care of room temperature objects.

also, hot objects will radiate warm in the kind of convection currents, make slight changes (instabilities) in your readings. This is very noticeable in extremely accurate digitial scales provided in most modern laboratories.

As waiting is warmed, the energy from the heat causes the molecules of air to relocate faster and ƒᴀʀтher apart. This way the fixed is less thick than if the item to be cold (where the molecules room close and also compact).

Might also come native the truth you don"t desire to put any kind of hot item on a scale as the would damage the scale (especially if utilizing a digital scale)...