Lice, nits, eggs; all of those words have the right to truly do a person’s skin crawl. The assumed of these tiny creatures living in your hair is no a satisfied one. However that is precisely what they do, also though they room not welcome. Back they space most generally living in children hair, a head lice infestation can happen in a human of any type of age or gender.

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There are countless remedies the end there come rid your hair that lice and nits, some being much more time-consuming and difficult than others. You can have heard that utilizing a level iron is one of those remedies. In this article we will discover that remedy and assist you to become a little much more ‘in the know’ about head lice.


Lice are small parasitic insects that unfortunately like to live in human being hair, and also yes even clean hair. The singular term for lice is louse. Castle feast top top blood drawn from the scalp in very tiny amounts. Castle are easily contagious and hard to obtain rid of. They have the right to crawl native head come head during a sleepover and multiply. The eggs they place to main point are dubbed nits. Back difficult, the is feasible to check out or feel these nits in the hair. They virtually look favor a grain of sand and can be grey, tan, yellowish or white in color.

Lice are not thought about to be dangerous, however should be removed as quickly as feasible after noticing your presence. You may notice the monitor signs and also symptoms:

Specks. The illustration of small sand-like specks in the hair which would be the nits.Itching. This is a reaction come the saliva from lice bites, generally behind the ears and on the nape that the neck.Bumpy rash. A rashes can develop due come scratching and irritation.
A cream with permethrin in it. It deserve to kill lice and also eggs because that 2 mainly after gift rinsed off.



2. Shampoos containing pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. The shampoo is left in the hair for 10 minutes. It demands to be recurring 9 job later.


4. Wet combing.


This is no a myth! Head lice have the right to be ruined by heat. Lice can not manage temperatures greater than 104 degrees fahrenheit (40 degrees celsius). If you usage your hair straightener in ~ this temperature or higher than it may be feasible for you to death them and their eggs. Most level irons have actually temperatures over and above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Have a look at our level iron to compare to watch some temperature ranges.

For example the experienced FLAT stole by Jolie Amour goes approximately 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful not to hold the flat iron on her hair for too long! While her goal is to kill the head lice and nits, you do not desire to burn her hair at the very same time.

I wouldn’t acquire too excited simply yet however. Lice and nits do manage to live close to the scalp. It is no safe or precious risking a scalp burn by your level iron just to acquire close sufficient to them. While friend may have the ability to kill part or many of the head lice in her hair v a level iron, this go not average you will have killed every solitary one and also further treatment might still be required to finish the infestation for good. If you’ve missed yet a pair nits in her hair, they will hatch after that and re-establish their numbers when again.
So there you have it. A hair straightener can kill lice and also their eggs. The not only a myth and also while flat ironing head lice seems like a fun, simple method to death them, we wouldn’t recommend relying top top this technique to fully rid her hair of these nasty critters. Best to stick to the most effective treatments out there.

I hope you took pleasure in this article. You re welcome comment and also share your experiences!


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