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These ROOT-WORDS room VIS & VID which median SEE. It comes from the Latin Verb video clip & visus which median to SEE. The 2 spellings you have in words v this ROOT-WORD come native the 2 spellings in the Latin verb it come from. That is why, while many of the words on the list space spelled VIS, Nos: 17, 18 & 20 have actually VID. Friend will an alert that the two spellings space even uncovered in different forms that the same word. ProVIDe, No. 18, i do not care provision. No.19, Julius Caesar wrote, “Veni, vidi, vici" – “I came, i say, i conquered."1. Visa : passport a (vee’ za) n.An proof on a passport giving the bearer the best to proceed2. Vis-à-vis : VOS-a-VIS (vee za vee’) n.One that is challenge to confront with another3. Visage : VIS age (viz’ ij) n.The confront or look at of a person4. Clearly shows : vis ible (viz’ al) adj.Relating come vision; recalls visual impressions5. Visile : passport ion (vizh’ un) n.Relating to vision; recalls visual impressions6. Vision : vis ion (vizh’ un)

Something seen; the ability to see; eyesight7. Visionary : passport ionary (vizh’ un are e) n.One who sees visions; a dreamer8. Envision : en vis ion (en vizh’ un) v.To watch in one’s mind9. Visit : VIS it (viz’ it) n.The plot of visiting; as, an main visit10. Visitor : passport itor (viz’ i or) n.One who provides a visit; a guest

11. Visitation : passport itation (viz ns tay’ shun) n.An official visit; something that visits; as, one affliction12. Visor : passport or (vie’ zor) n.A mask because that the face; a brim ~ above a cap to protect the eyes13. Vista : passport ta (vis’ ta) n.A watch from a distance14. Visual : vis ual (vizh’ yu al) adj.Relating come sight15. Visualize : passport ualize (vizh’ yu wa lize) v.To make visible; to lug into the psychic the challenge of one no present16. Invisible : InVIS ible (in viz i b’l) adj.Cannot it is in seen17. Apparent : e VID ent (ev’ identifier ent) adj.Can quickly be seen18. Administer : agree VID e (pro vide’) v.To watch what will be needed and also supply it19. Provision : agree VIS on (pro vizh’ un) n.That which was listed beforehand20. Providential : pro VID entail (prov ns den’ chal) adj.Provided by magnificent guidance; opportune; lucky

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Aud & ausVita,vivi &viv room the root-words for countless other words.Omni is the root-word for countless other words.Voc & vok are the root-words for many other words.Arch is the root-word for plenty of other words.