Describe martin Luther King junior in 3 words and also use details from Maya Angelou"s Encounter through Martin Luther King Jr as she describes it in The love of A Woman
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Maya Angelou recounts details the her surprise meeting v Martin Luther King junior in she "Encounter with Martin Luther King Junior." In The love of A Woman, Angelou discusses this meeting and others she had actually with other prominent activists such together Malcolm X. 

Her summary of martin Luther King...

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Maya Angelou recounts details that her surprised meeting with Martin Luther King junior in her "Encounter with Martin Luther King Junior." In The love of A Woman, Angelou discusses this meeting and also others she had with other significant activists such as Malcolm X. 

Her description of boy name Luther King junior paints a picture of a solid man, passionate about his cause and likewise a humble man with a sorry ear.

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To explain Martin Luther King Jr native this encounter and also in 3 words, you might concentrate on the physical features Angelou mentions such as "short....young...." and also "good looking" which room supported in the text when Angelou recalls, He was much shorter than ns expected and so young." later she will refer to him most certainly as having been a "school athlete."

Other 보다 his physical attributes, Angelou ensures the the reader can appreciate King"s character. She explains how he mirrors empathy - so he is empathetic - once he hears of her brother"s incarceration in "Sing Sing," a prison. He is interested in Angelou"s explanation of her previously life as soon as she talks around her grandmother (Mamma) and also her uncle "as if that knew them personally." This makes him sincere and also interested

The last collection of 3 words that can be supplied to describe King indigenous Angelou"s meeting describe his strength and commitment come the cause yet ever humble. The is prefer a "lion sitting down...eating greens" confirms his strength and also his humility.(Lions would certainly not be eating "greens" ordinarily.) that talks about "the firing-line" which reinforces his commitment despite the difficulties.