Announcer: From the external the majority of reaches of the world, to the inner a lot of planets of our solar syatem, This is “Gap The Infinite Frontier” with your host Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray.

Harry Caray: Hi everybody Harry Caray right here, and also welconcerned Gap The Infinite Frontier. We’ve gained a good display lined up for ya, joining us in the studio this day all the way from Cal-Tech is astrophysicist Dr. Ken Waller. Welinvolved the show Ken.

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Dr. Ken Waller: Thank You! It’s nice to be right here.

Harry Caray: Now Dr. freshly they found that there could be life on one of the moons of Jupiter. Now that’s gotta be exciting for ya.

Dr. Ken Waller: Oh yes Harry were thrilled to uncover that there theoretically life could exist below the surconfront of planets as a result of the warm caused by volcanic task.

Harry Caray: That’s something else. Let me ask what’s your favorite planet.

Dr. Ken Waller: Well, I don’t have a favorite. I uncover them all fascinating there all a part of a-

Harry Caray: Mine’s the sunlight. Almeans has actually been. I choose it because it’s prefer the king of planets.

Dr. Ken Waller: Well, Actually Harry it’s not a earth it’s a star.

Harry Caray: Well! Planet or staronce that thing burns out were all gonna be dead.

Dr. Ken Waller: Well that’s true but it’s not gonna burn out for a really long time.

Harry Caray: I hope not. Dr. have actually you ever before viewed an eclipse.

Dr. Ken Waller: Ah! Yeah I’ve seen many kind of.

Harry Caray: You recognize if you stare at it head on it’ll burn your eyes out.

Dr. Ken Waller: Well it’s not best to stare at the sun in an eclipse.

Harry Caray: Well it’s tough not to. I as soon as took a pair of binoculars and also stared at the sunlight for over a hour.

Dr. Ken Waller: Why would certainly you do that?

Harry Caray: Curiosity I guess. Heck I’m curious as a cat. I have actually a couple of friends that speak to me whiskers.

Dr. Ken Waller: Because your curious choose a cat.

Harry Caray: Yes! Hey! Now Ken we all recognize thta the moon is noty made of green cheese.

Dr. Ken Waller: Yes! That’s true Harry.

Harry Caray: But what if it were made of barbeque spare ribs would certainly you eat it then.

Dr. Ken Waller: What!

Harry Caray: I know I would. Heck I’d have actually secs. Then polish it off through a tall cool budweiser. I would certainly execute it.

Dr. Ken Waller: Yeah!

Harry Caray: Would you.

Dr. Ken Waller: I’m confused.

Harry Caray: It’s a simple question. Would you eat the monon if it were made of ribs.

Dr. Ken Waller: I don’t understand just how to answer that.

Harry Caray: It’s not rocket scientific research. Just say yes ans will certainly move on.

Dr. Ken Waller: Yes!

Harry Caray: Hey! How bout this mad cow illness.

Dr. Ken Waller: What about it.

Harry Caray: Well it was here for a while then it went away.

Dr. Ken Waller: Yes! Yes! it remained in the news for a while then it disappeared.

Harry Caray: Good point! I hpe I never before gain it. Hey! What around this. If you had actually the choice of being the top scientist in your area or getting mad cow illness what would it be.

Dr. Ken Waller: well! Of course I would pick to be the the optimal scientist in my field.

Harry Caray: Oh good! I was worried you’d choose mad cow.

Dr. Ken Waller: Why would certainly you think that.

Harry Caray: I don’t know I’m simply a worrier I guess. That’s why my friends speak to me whiskers.

Dr. Ken Waller: I thought you shelp your friends speak to you Whiskers cause you’re curious as a cat.

Harry Caray: Well Dr. Waller it has been a pleacertain. We’ve spanned many ground and also mutual a couple of laughs thanks for coming on.

Dr. Ken Waller: My pleasure.

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Harry Caray: He’s a good child. That’s all the time we he have sign up with us following week through our guest Albert Einstein.

(Station manager whispers right into Harry Caray’s ear)

Harry Caray: What! Well supposedly Albert Einstein passed away 42 years back. You recognize what, we’ll attempt to gain him anymethod. See you next time. Cubs win! Cubs win!