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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 Cheats for Xbox 360

road to WresteMania Unlockables particular Road come WrestleMania release will require you to execute the following. One has actually 2 various ways of gaining it.

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Unlockable Unlockable In "Randy Orton"s RTWM", win Ted DiBiase Jr. At Wrestlemania and KO "The Million disagreement Man" after the enhance main 6 of "HBK"s RTWM", do Jericho Bleed main 6 the "Edge"s RTWM", win in under 3 minute mainly 8 that "HBK"s RTWM", victory the match in under 4 minutes main 6 that "Mickie James" RTWM", beat Michelle McCool in under 3 minutes In "Edge"s RTWM", get rid of Mr. Kennedy from the imperial Rumble match main 5 that "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM", spend at the very least one minute of the match outside the ring mainly 9 that "Mickie James" RTWM", select Kendrick over Natalya. Climate at mainly 10, win the complement suffering minimal damage week 12 of "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM", do a effective diving attack from the peak of the ladder mainly 4 the "HBK"s RTWM", hit both enemies with Sweet CHIN Music week 10 of "HBK"s RTWM", accept the Retirement Match, then at week 11, have your companion be the legitimate man much longer week 10 that "HBK"s RTWM", decline the Retirement Match, climate at main 11, Execute 3 dual Team assaults week 9 the "Mickie James" RTWM", choose Natalya end Kendrick. Climate at main 12, victory the enhance without using a signature move or finisher win the WrestleMania match in "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM" main 11 the "Brand Warfare"s RTWM", success the handicap enhance as either Triple H or man Cena win at Wrestlemania in "Brand Warfare"s RTWM" mainly 9 of "Randy Orton"s RTWM", dont use any type of strikes in your complement In "Randy Orton"s RTWM", to win Cody Rhodes in ~ WrestleMania and KO Dusty after ~ the match main 2 of "Mickie James" RTWM", pen or submit Maryse mainly 3 the "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM", throw each adversary out that the ring at least once. week 3 that "Randy Orton"s RTWM", refuse Codys help and climate reverse 3 of Batista"s attacks. complete Shawn Michaels RTW mainly 2 that "Edge"s RTWM", fight every foe with a finisher main 4 of "Brand Warfare"s RTWM", you should put Kane through a table in much less than 2:30 as man Cena. In "Edge"s RTWM", in ~ No means Out, drag Mr. Kennedy on top of the huge Show and count the pinfall mainly 11 that "Edge"s RTWM", put Triple H v an announcement table In "Randy Orton"s RTWM", at No means Out, RKO Dusty Rhodes main 12 the "Randy Orton"s RTWM", Spend much less than 2 minute in the ring as the legal superstar week 11 of "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM", with 500 levels at least 4 times main 2 of "Brand Warfare"s RTWM", you need to win the battle royal together either Triple H or man Cena finish Edge"s roadway to Wrestlemania mainly 6 the "Brand Warfare"s RTWM", victory your enhance in under 3 minutes as Triple H. finish Mickies road to Wrestlemania week 6 the "Create-A-Superstar"s RTWM", victory your match
"The Million disagreement Man" Ted DiBiase
Alternate Attire for chris Jericho
Alternate Attire because that Edge
Alternate Attire for JBL
Alternate Attire for Mickie James
Alternate Attire because that Mr. Kennedy
Alternate attire because that Mr. McMahon (suit)
Alternate Attire for Natalya
Alternate Attire for Santino Marella (Street clothes)
Alternate Attire because that Shawn Michaels
Alternate Attire because that Shawn Michaels (DX) (Option 1)
Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels (DX) (Option 2)
Alternate Attire because that The Brian Kendrick
Alternate Attire because that Vince McMahon (Chicken Head)
Alternate Attires because that Miz and also Morrison (Street clothes) & dirt Sheet area for Backstage Brawl
Champion the Champions location belt
Cowboy Bob Orton
Dusty Rhodes
Ezekiel Jackson
Green and also Red Dummies as Playable Characters
Interview Room because that Backstage
John Cena alternative Attire (Street Clothes)
Locker Room Backstage area
Mr. McMahon (Playable Character)
Randy Ortons alternating Attire
Road come Wrestlemania event Skip Feature
Santino Marella Story Designer story
The Hardys, DX, & Morrison and also The Miz tags Entrances
The Rock
Triple H alternate Attire (DX)
Trish Stratus
Vinces Office in Backstage Brawl

Contributed by: darkmercurius


Complete each accomplishment to receive the allotted gamerscore.

success Achievement Induct a Superstar right into the room OF FAME. In one match, execute all 16 strong GRAPPLE move on your opponent (single player only). have actually a total of 20 or more 5-star rated matches in your as whole match history. success as tentative Champion from start to finish in CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE. (single player only) produce an original picture using the repaint TOOL. safeguard a location in a Championship Scramble match on Legend difficulty (single player only). win 10 matches by entry (single player only). complete the BRAND war story in road TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. boost the overall rating that a developed SUPERSTAR personality to a 90 or above. Create alternate ATTIRE because that a created SUPERSTAR and new THREADS because that a WWE SUPERSTAR. complete the create A SUPERSTAR story in road TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. finish the cultivate CHECKLIST. finish the edge story in road TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. transform a highlight REEL right into an entrance movie. produce a dive finisher, in create A Finisher mode, and also use that in a complement (single player only). complete the HBK story in roadway TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. Succeed at a cumulative total of 50 reversals (single player only). complete the MICKIE JAMES story in roadway TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. produce a SUPERSTAR in produce A SUPERSTAR Mode. Unlock every the playable characters and bonus items. finish the ORTON story in road TO WRESTLEMANIA mode. success a 30-Man royal RUMBLE as the an initial entrant without transforming Superstars (single player only). success 50 matches through pinfall (single player only). develop an original story utilizing WWE STORY DESIGNER Mode. Succeed in ~ a cumulative total of 100 reversals (single player only).
2010 hall of fame Nominee (100)
A Grappling device (20)
A Showman prefer No other (50)
Ahead that the fill (50)
An Original architecture (15)
And still Champion... (100)
Ask the Ref! (20)
Brand war Story (20)
Career expansion (50)
Check out the brand-new Threads (15)
Created Superstar Story (20)
Developmental Graduate (50)
Edge Story (20)
Face top top the big Screen (15)
Finisher the the Year Candidate (20)
HBK Story (20)
Intermediate Technician (20)
Mickie James Story (20)
New Superstar initiative (15)
Nothing an ext to collection (100)
Orton Story (20)
Royal Rumble professional (100)
Shoulders come the Mat (20)
Story Designer (20)
Technical Wizardry (100)

Contributed by: Guard master


Enter in the Cheat Menu. These are case-sensitive.

effect Effect CENATION Bow under ViperRKO suck IT! Milan miracle BonusBrawl The good One
CENATION Unlock man Cena"s HLR Costume
HBK"s DX ring gear
Randy Orton"s alternative attire
Triple H"s DX ring gear
Unlock Santino Marella brand-new Costume
Unlocks dirt Sheet set and Mr. McMahon"s Office backstage areas.

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Unlocks The Rock

Contributed by: included2000, Bobito316, wwehurricane1, Minion3

Unlockable ability

Most abilities are obtainable after you created your superstar/diva. Others will need you to increase stats in bespeak to gain them. When unlocked, they have the right to be assignable with Create-A-Moveset under "Abilities".

Unlockable Unlockable Must gain Durability Attribute score of 85. Must get your rate attribute score of 75. Must obtain charisma score the 80. Must obtain your overall rating that a 90. Must obtain hardcore score that 90. Must obtain a technical score of 85. Must get a submission score the 80. Must acquire a hardcore score the 70. Must gain an in its entirety rating that 92. Must gain a to win score that 85.
Exploder Tunbuckle Attack
Fan Favorite
Fired Up
Hardcore Ressurrection
Kip Up
Lock Pick
Object Specialist
Strong Strike

Contributed by: darkmercurius

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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