Calculating the Square clip of your Project

To assist determine the amount of brick for your needs, listed below is straightforward to use tool for calculating the square clip of an area. To start, please carry out the area measurements.

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Tile size in inch (Optional): X
Price every Square Foot (Optional):
Total Sq Ft all Areas:
Total Individual tile Estimate:
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Estimated complete Sq Ft:
Estimated total Tile Cost:

Estimating brick Quantities

When measuring because that floor brick the dominion is:

Length x width + waste = quantity Needed

Waste variable will vary based upon tile size, layout, configuration of room, patterns, etc. Typical waste variable is around 10%. Include 15% for tile being set up diagonally or for a room with several jogs and also corners. This installations will certainly require an ext cuts and thus much more waste.


Actual room size: 8 ft 7 in x 5 ft 2 in

Convert to inches, yes, really room size: 103 in x 62 in

103" x 62"= 6386 inch / 144 (1 sf) = 44.50 sf + waste factor (44.50 x 1.10) = 49 sf

The same method is provided when measure walls. Measure up the area to it is in tiled on each wall. Include them together and also figure the square footage. Include your garbage factor and also this is the lot needed.

Most upright applications will require trim piece which have finished edges, this needs a direct measurement. Trim pieces will be used:

1. Where a tiled surface ends on one open wall leaving an exposed brick edge,2. Whereby a vertical surface ar meets a horizontal, choose on the leaf of a countertop, 3. Wherein a vertical surface ar turns a corner, prefer on the outside corner of a wall.

Trim pieces and decoratives are commonly sold by the piece. To number the amount you have to develop the length of the trim item (i.e. 6" bullnose, 8" decorative liner), climate the preeminence is: linear Inches/Piece length = Quantity


10 foot exposed leaf that demands bullnose: 10 ft x 12 in = 120 inches.

If making use of 6 customs bullnose trim piece = 120 inch / 6 inches = 20 piece of bullnose needed

If making use of 8 customs decorative liner = 120 inch / 8 inch = 15 pieces of liner needed

These recipe will help you calculation the amounts you"ll need. Us recommend you have a expert tile installer see the task to check for the suitability of your substrate and to measure and also plan for any kind of special problems that may exist.

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