One of the most well-known ways to getting media is by downloading a torrent file. Yet what are the best sites come download torrents? Most human being heard around The Pirate Bay, because that example, however there are numerous others.

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It’s true the the number of torrent sites has actually dwindled in current years, complying with aggressive anti-piracy campaigns. However, some of the enduring torrent sites continue to thrive thanks to the countless BitTorrent users around the world.

What come Look for in a Torrent Website

The BitTorrent ecosystem is huge and complex, and the number of torrent websites has grown greatly in current years. It can be hard to figure out which of this sites space trustworthy and which room not. However, there are a few criteria to consider, i m sorry can assist you decide if a torrent website is worth her time.

Torrent Availability: This should go without saying, however you will desire to have numerous torrent documents available. That will boost the chances of finding what you are looking for.

Versions: It’s also a positive aspect to have actually several versions of the same record available. For example, as soon as you form the surname of a movie and also there are several versions, such together 1080p, 720p, etc. Having various options accessible will offer you the luxury of picking the ideal one for her device.

Amount that seeders and peers: That is one of the most vital details. Most torrent websites give you the info regarding the variety of seeders and peers because that the very same file. If you visit a page where the records have a minimal number peers, you i will not ~ achieve an excellent download speeds.

Community: The community of a site deserve to say plenty of things about it. Through going through the comments, you deserve to know what is best or wrong with the torrent file and even worries that worry the entire website. Basically, the the finest place come read about other users’ complaints.

The Torrent Sites we Recommend

We’ve excellent our study considering the components above, and we’re sharing our favourite ones v you. These are the sites the we at this time consider to be the best ones for torrenting.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and major torrent sites out there. Anyone heard about the turbulence they had actually in the past when it to be shut down, much more than one time. Things have been patience lately and the TPB is running normally for the last pair of years.

The solid points are hard to ignore: simplicity, lull of use, and the number that torrents available. The fact that the advertisement is very minimal is also positive, making the a very clean and also safe torrent site. It’s easy to understand why many world consider it the best torrent site, including us.


1337x is amongst the most famous torrent sites, thanks to that hugecollection. You will likely uncover what you’re searching for thanks to the variety of torrents available. Its popular increased considerably after other huge sites were shut down.

The site makes it straightforward to search for different varieties of files. For example, it’s possible to search movies, software, and others separately.



RarBG is also famous because that containing avast an option of files. It’s among the favorites in the file-sharing community due to the fact that they are an extremely fast when it pertains to making recent titles and popular torrents available. Sometimes even on the same day together the original release dates.

One that the things where RarBG stands the end from the group is the tremendous amount of feedback listed by its large community. Users often write comments about the files, do it straightforward to clues a bad quality torrent. Its users are famed for their details sense the humor.

RarBG to be banned indigenous a couple of countries, like the UK, India and also Denmark. For individuals of such countries, a VPN will have actually the extra benefit of providing access to the site.



Zooqle is much from gift the most renowned page on this list. It’s additionally not the most finish when it pertains to the number of files. Yet the development of this torrent site, together with its really organized user interface, is just incredible.

There’s one auto-complete device when looking for a torrent. And also after selecting one, that organizes the results in one elegant and useful way, v filters that aid you discover what you want in a rapid way.

It’s also feasible for individuals to develop an account and also subscribe to their favorite media.



Soundpark is a devoted music file-sharing site. It does not host torrents for other content types, giving you accessibility to an extensivedatabasewith simply music.

To start trying to find your favorite artists or bands, use the search bar. It’s feasible to find almost any song, album, or compilation. The site even has torrents forcomplete discographiesof assorted artists.

One of the factors to use a torrent save website for music is to find lossless files. Soundpark has actually asection devoted to lossless audio. Look because that FLAC, WAV, and also AIFF audio papers for studio-quality sound.

Along with songs, over there is a arsenal of music videos. The website help you discover new tracks, thanks to the featured categories. Soundpark uses recommendations for the video clip of the month, height albums, brand-new releases, and also much more.

As with numerous torrent-hosting websites, Soundpark shuts down from time to time. You might need come look because that the currently energetic domain name.


As the surname suggests, GamesTorrents specializes in video game torrents. It supplies a straightforward user interface, consisting of a find bar and titles organized based upon the platform.

You can browse the latest uploads because that PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, and Mac. The site supplies thumbnail images of the gamings with icons to denote the platform. The thumbnails additionally display the cracking team behind the release, such together Reloaded, 3DM, and Skidrow.

As cracked gamings come in many paper formats, that even allows you tofilter results relying on the format. It is possible to search for ISO, RAR, DMG, BIN-CUE, and other paper types.

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If you desire AAA titles, this site has you covered. It always includes the latest major releases for every the peak platforms. Whether you want the newest computer or Xbox titles, you should uncover them on this page.

Remember come download in a for sure way

Before you add a grasp of torrents to her BitTorrent queue, you may want to set increase a certain VPN connection. Masking your IP deal with and hiding your activity will store your ISP from see what you space downloading. A Virtual private Network (VPN) encrypts all data, including the records you get through a torrent client.