Dueling your method to the height of the Duel Academy in the brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy video clip game for the Gameboy Advance take away skill, study, luck, practice and... Aw heck, here"s a bunch of game cheats that"ll let girlfriend clobber your opponents! these come straight from Cheat Street and also they"ll let girlfriend unlock so plenty of power ups your adversaries will cry. Here they are!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy

Password an equipment Card Passwords

Enter these codes into the Password Machine at the keep on Saturdays come unlock these powerful cards for her deck.

PasswordUnlocked Card
00295517A legendary Ocean
57953380Card of safe Return
46986414Dark Magician
00423705Gearfried the steel Knight
57046845Gearfried the Swordmaster
90810762Raging fire Sprite
75417459Release Resraint
38992735Wave-Motion Cannon


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Gameshark Codes

These Gameshark cheat codes unlock loads of strength for her Yu-Gi-Oh! game! indigenous 50,000 Duel Points to summoning as countless creatures together you want in a turn, these codes permit you do it. But, you need to start through this code before any type of others will work.9388FFE64AA2F0C010F7EFF9A6E871436789Now, shot out the remainder of these cheat codes and you"ll be the King that Games in no time!


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To Unlock ThisUse This Code
All the Cards1BDF78E58508CFCF44759276CA097C143F53
50,000 Duel PointsB99F58A51A36738B41979AD1
Coin Toss = HeadsC7AF7F1907DB
Infinite Duel PointsB99F58A51A362E78FE2A7000C3E2C3FCBFFA
Unlock all Shop Packs23B62659D013F1EC53CF4B8D
Max. Shop Packs60C0A5512DD8C72D7F1C13D7
100 Wins68BB6F1DBF70
0 LossesFC6193F83751
Complete the timed Duels9DE4A3CBC32EF1252BBC0BDC
Unlimited SummonsE861976E7F01
Infinite Life PointsF1A183FF86D8
Cause 5000 DamageDEE582FF3174
0 direct DamageFDE183FD0758
Select + up = Auto-Win9E9AC823A40AD7C191F757D3
Select + under = draw Card1F969803820FAA60A778AB3C
Ignore Deck Check30E08A893F80706303EC3D90
Unlock Summon Option:Choose Card, pick + A5E929811E45B40832D377996
Only One SacrificeC409C5067782
One concern TestD033328AFAE7AEC18D67634C
All answers = BD033328AFAE7B22183BC2B9C
Pause check TimerD033328AFAE7D1730BEAC0EE


More Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Gameshark Codes

These codes will aid you kick butt while acquisition your skill-testing quizzes.


To Unlock ThisUse This Code
Max damage DealtCB219F7C5673
Max direct DamageDF219BFC5E73
Max monster Destroyed439F6D13CBFE
Max Spells Used9325A3BC8BFE
Max trap Used8724872EC3AE
Max Fusions Used8727073803DE
Max Rituals Used9B0581A6CB2E
Max Summons Used9B0581B48B7E


That"s it because that Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy video game cheats and walkthroughs. But, rod around and also see what cheats Gary deserve to come up through for next week. He"ll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don"t forget, if you gain stuck and also need a game cheat code, and also let the know!