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THIS IS an ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT talk about THE MANGA past THIS EPISODE.

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----------------------------------------Thought this episode really tugged on the heart strings... I'm starting to wonder if this show will finish on a happy note, yet I hope it will. Keiko is such a an excellent character.

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Keiko's prominence in the display has taken a correct fall but her relationship with Yusuke keeps comes up and also I think it's really crucial to the fans, at least it is to me.

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Behold of mine awesomeness~ controversial and/or perceptible topics likely devolve right into the very same repetitive, derogatory, abusive, and also harassing comments can no much longer be posted.But my feels.
I guess this was an alleged to it is in sweet however it actually just made me sad.As usual because that a love attention in a shonen show, Keiko hasn"t really had actually anything come do. So every she"s ever before done is stand roughly being worried the Yusuke is going come die. Actually paying fist to the romance edge highlights this. Keiko has actually never gained anything however heartache indigenous Yusuke. Do the efforts to comprise for this by proposing strikes me together a small cheap uneven he means to give up his dangerous life choose Kuroko did but he doesn"t speak that.I"m left wishing Keiko had the ability to sincerely recording this punch-drunk punk and also actually gain herself a brand-new boyfriend.
I yes, really respect Yusuke now. The isn"t a hypocrite. Demons must consume human being flesh for survival, conversely, most humans merely consume animal flesh because that the taste, enjoyment, and also convenience. The only exception to this are civilization who have actually no access to other protein options and world who have details medical conditions that call for meat in your diet. If that condones the unnecessary slaughter of innocent and also sentient beings, why should he for the demons through disdain for their diet? Yusuke was mindful of all of this, for this reason he knew that was no in a position to criticize the demons. This reminds me of Togashi"s various other series, Hunter x Hunter. In the Chimera Ant arc, Meruem request the civilization who were begging him to spare their lives, "Ha-ha these humans are absolutely foolish creatures. Think as hard as those weak brains of yours deserve to manage. Perform you humans ever listen to the cries that mercy coming from pigs and also cows girlfriend slaughter?"