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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses Cheats because that PlayStation 2

Unlock Map modify Successfully finsh both the Red Rose and also the White increased stories come unlock Map modify in the tradition duel. This feature enables you to develop your own duel field for practice duels.

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Contributed by: Giga Ganon

Unlock all Duelists

Complete both White and also Red climbed to have actually all duelists unlocked. You must have only one controller plugged in to accessibility the map editor. Once the necessity is met, friend can access the map editor by going to "Custom Duels". Friend will watch an "Edit" option for maps. Select this and you may modify a map of your choosing.

Contributed by: A B C

Unlock Cards

To achieve cards, push R3 in ~ the "Build Deck" screen, and also enter one eight personality password. Alternatively, friend may finish either courses of the story; perfect the story will certainly generate one random card"s passcode come be supplied with the same method noted above. This have the right to be done as plenty of times as needed. However, this will certainly not store count that the codes already found, for this reason you may achieve the exact same code multiple times also if it has currently been activated.

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Contributed by: yutjrft76, Dark roll Stones, bobby190, xElite_V

Slot 3 of a sort

After winning every duel, you"ll have a possibility to nab 3 cards from your opponent"s graveyard. Score 3 that a kind to obtain an extra one-of-a-kind card or girlfriend may have the ability to win them from people. Obtaining 3 Fake catch in the slots will not award any bonus card

Unlockable Unlockable 3x Stain Storm 3x of any kind of card 3x of any card 3x of any card 3x of any type of card 3x Illusionist Faceless Mage 3x of any type of card 3x Dark energy 3x of any type of card 3x Dark Magician 3x of any card 3x of any type of card 3x of any kind of card 3x of any kind of card 3x of any type of card 3x of any type of card 3x of any type of card 3x Harpie Lady 3x of any kind of card 3x of any card 3x can be fried Dragon 3x Thunder Nyan Nyan 3x of any card 3x of any card 3x of any type of card 3x of any card 3x of any kind of card 3x Dark Piercing light 3x of any card 3x of any kind of card
Acid trap Hole
Anti-Magic Fragrance
Barrel Dragon
Barrel Rock
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Brain Control
Cannon Soldier
Dark Hole
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Enchanted Javelin
Fire Reaper
Flame Ghost
Flame Swordsman
Gemini Elf
Gorgon"s Eye
Harpie"s Feather Duster
Jirai Gumo
Labyrinth Tank
Lord.of D.
Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Right foot of the Forbbidden One
Skull Knight
Summoned Skull
Sword that Dragon"s Soul
Swords that Revealing Light
Temple the Skulls
Toon Summoned Skull

Contributed by: DarkNecrofear, xElite_V, vrien, Awchong, RaffaeliGamer, dnextreme88, reddragon74

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